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Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 5 February 23, 2010

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<polyachka>  when do you think text to speech activity will be ready?

<alsroot> you mean tts paragraph on

<alsroot> there is already activities that do tts

<alsroot> activities I mean, readetext and listen

<polyachka>  I’ve never used them

<polyachka> so what do they do? Listen and speak and readetext?

<alsroot> you can try them from and

<polyachka> thanks

<polyachka> so what are your favorite activities? or your dream activities that you want to see in the future?

<alsroot> dunno, but I’m going to do something like Collab activity

<polyachka> what is dunno?

<alsroot> do not know

<polyachka>  🙂

<polyachka>  sorry, we got interrupted last time we spoke

<polyachka>  as I stayed in a hotel in San Fran and Internet connection was very bad there, and then I had to leave to go to the Airport to fly to Vietnam

<polyachka>  how cold is it in Barnaul now?

<alsroot> says -23

<polyachka>  it is +30 here in Saigon…

<alsroot> oops its in Moscow     {comment: it is colder in Barnaul than in Moscow}

<polyachka> so you told me last time that you left info somewhere on wiki about possible participation with OLPC, but didn’t get a response

<polyachka>  but who was your first contact in OLPC/Sugar?

<alsroot> there wasn’t particular contact, its just a community driven process, so people I was contact with are just email and IRC people

<alsroot> I just chose some thing to do and did it

<alsroot> and I’m doing ti right now

<polyachka>  I’m curious who was there in the beginning?

<alsroot> I see that is just a misunderstanding of how it works, so you don’t have to ask just do

<alsroot> I mean look for the thing which is missed and fix it

<polyachka>  ok, I understand 🙂


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