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Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 4 February 23, 2010

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After my arrival in Vietnam, it took me 10 days to adjust to new environment. I contacted Alex again on Jan 23:

<polyachka>  hi, are you sleeping?

<alsroot> not yet 🙂

<polyachka> isn’t it 5AM in Russia? I still have problems converting everybody’s time

<alsroot> hard to say 08:00AM here

<polyachka>  in Russia?

<alsroot> in Barnaul

<polyachka>  here in Saigon it is 9AM

<polyachka>  did you stay up all night?

<alsroot> I mostly live in UTC 🙂

<polyachka>  that’s amazing! 😉

<polyachka>  so what are you working on right now?

<alsroot> coding stuff..

<polyachka>  what kind of stuff?


<polyachka>  are you working on certain activities?

<alsroot> I’m trying to support some of them but mostly do core code

<alsroot> and activity related code as well like

<alsroot> at then end my approximate TODO for several months is

<polyachka> what is core code? is it called foundation?

<alsroot> I meant code for sugar itself

<alsroot> not for particular activity

<polyachka>  so why do you still need to work on core code if it is already created?

<alsroot> well, there are many places where that doesn’t work well

<polyachka> like where?

<polyachka> I wish I knew more about programming…

<alsroot> like thumbs view, could be useful to have such view(in addition to journal’s list view) e.g. for browsing images

 <polyachka> but I studied economics in Sochi 🙂

<alsroot> well, I guess better to start from coding activities rather than core

<alsroot> there is an ongoing work to create hand book for activity devs

<polyachka>  that is a good idea

<alsroot> Jim Simmons does this work

<alsroot> direct link to draft on

<polyachka>  thanks, it works


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