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Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 3 February 23, 2010

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<polyachka>  so how did you finally get involved?

<alsroot> well, I guess it was personal, I’ve just decided to stop working for companies, resigned from my job, started thinking where can I participate..

<polyachka>  and you searched for it online? or you contacted OLPC?

<alsroot> the major reason for sugar was, that I totally share idea that education is the major point

<alsroot> I didn’t contact w/ OLPC

<polyachka>  then how?

<alsroot> nothing special, just started contributing for sugar via SL’s infrastructure — since I can communicate from other devs via IRC..

<alsroot>..can fetch code, and upload it to SL’s

<alsroot> at the end it was (SL) more familiar for me than OLPC

<polyachka>  but how did you approach people at OLPC to work with

<alsroot> ..since its a community driven project

<alsroot> “people at OLPC” just regular ways, IRC, MLs, bugs tracker

<polyachka>  but you did email OLPC, right?

<alsroot> I just left info somewhere on wiki about possible participation, bu didn’t get response

<polyachka>  and?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           At that moment my Internet connection dropped and I had to go to the Airport, but Alex send me a follow-up email:
“Just introspected all things, and I think in my case there were three major points:

Firstly, it’s a personal point, I just decided to change my life (e.g. I didn’t think about participating at any FOSS project before this decision though used FOSS products for several years).

Secondly, in case of technical participation, FOSS is a great world, there are dozens of projects where you can participate as a technical person. So, I as a software developer had many ways to start contributing.

Thirdly, I’m sure that education is the first place where all people should participate (in ways they can). And this makes projects like sugar special among other FOSS projects, since it’s more about improving fundamental things rather than creating “product”(even FOSS product).

So, keeping all these things in mind I didn’t wait for some “acceptance” or “approving” from other people (and SL gives more freedom here for technical people rather than OLPC) but just started doing some (technical) things on my own. And maybe it didn’t change until this moment but I think the biggest thing we are (as technical contributors) missing is contacts w/ educators and users.”


2 Responses to “Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 3”

  1. Caroline Meeks Says:

    Great interview. I love the wisdom of not waiting for acceptance or approval. Thank you Polyachka and of course Alsroot!

    • verhovzeva Says:

      Caroline, thank you for your comment. I am very impressed with Aleksey’s drive to do things and his results. He doesn’t wait for work to be assigned to him, which is the core of a good volunteer.

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