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Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 2 February 23, 2010

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<polyachka> your English is good, where did you learn?

<alsroot> at school..

<alsroot> ..and a bit more for 10y 🙂

<alsroot>  worked most of time in moscow

<polyachka> have you been to US?

<alsroot> nope, even in italy, tried to get visa to be for sugar camp, but couldn’t :/

<polyachka>  what college/institute did you go to?

<alsroot> it was in Uzbekistan, institute of technology, 94-99

<polyachka> so you were studying computer programming there, right?

<alsroot> yup, I’m a certified computer specialist 🙂

<polyachka>  🙂

<polyachka> so what do you exactly do for Sugar?

<polyachka> what did you work on for 1.5 years?

<alsroot> well, I didn’t start to hard work exactly 1.5y ago, it was my first FOSS experience.. I started from packaging sugar, then participating in coding, I’m doing the same right now

<alsroot> also I’m maintaining ASLO

<polyachka>  can you explain it for dummies… what exactly does it mean? As i am not a certified computer specialist 😉

<polyachka>  packaging, coding and maintaining?

<alsroot> well, packaging means preparing sugar to be useful for GNU/Linux distribution users, I’m an official packager for ALTLinux(russian distro) and Mandriva, also preparing non-oficial packages for Gentoo, SuSe, Ubuntu

<alsroot> coding is just composing code, for sugar core or activities

<alsroot> and I’m also keep an eye on, adapting upstream AMO(mozilla addons portal) code, look how ASLO works

<polyachka>  of all you  have done, what is your favorite?

<alsroot> coding, I think

<polyachka>  how did you get involved ? how did you hear about OLPC, Sugar, etc.?

<alsroot> I heard about OLPC, but since its not regular FOSS project, I wasn’t sure about how I can participate, when SL was organized thus regular FOSS model…


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