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Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 1 February 23, 2010

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Bernie wrote: “Would you have the time to interview other members of the gang? I would recommend starting from your comrade Aleksey Lim:

He’s our most productive hacker, but as you can see he does not spend much time on self-promotion.

The “doers” often tend to be shadowed by the “talkers”. Our very best volunteers who have been working like dogs for Sugar got close to zero public recognition for it. Their effort should be at least rewarded with the only thing that a “reputation market” like open source development can offer.”

On Jan 11 I wrote to Aleksey asking to talk to him about Sugar either over the phone or Skype. He wrote: ”Yes, I’m in Russia. Sorry, I’m not using mobile phone for a long time and don’t have skype but you can find me on #sugar (you can use web based IRC client). Just join #sugar and type my nick, alsroot or via jabber. I don’t logout from IRC/jabber but can answer only in 09.00-23.00 UTC range.”

I was very surprised to find out that the most productive hacker working on Sugar is Aleksey from Russia! For some reason, I imagined him American and living in the US.

First time I chatted with him on IRC when I was in San Fran on my way to Vietnam. I was again surprised to find out that he has no phone, doesn’t use Skype, but prefers exclusively IRC or jabber as a way of communication. It was 9AM Pacific Time:

<polyachka> hi Alex

<alsroot> hi

<polyachka>  where are you? I’m in San Fran

<alsroot> Russia, Altaysky Krai 🙂            {coment: Siberia!}

<polyachka>  really?

<alsroot> I’m serious

<polyachka> I thought you are in Boston

<polyachka>  this is so cool, my grandmother was from Altaysky District

<polyachka>  my parents lived in Siberia, but then moved to Sochi <polyachka> and I left for Boston

<polyachka> where exactly are you in Altay?

<alsroot> Rubtsovsk, but originally I’m from Uzbekistan, also moved

<polyachka> how old are you? I try to picture your image

<alsroot> 32, from some time, decided to stop producing trash (for companies) and work w/ FOSS (as much as possible)

<polyachka> Do you have a full-time job too?

<alsroot> no, 1.5 year ago I resigned from last job, had some money and worked for sugar as a contributor

<polyachka> what does it mean?

<alsroot> I worked for 1.5 year as volunteer for sugar

<polyachka> how many hours per week?

<alsroot> full time, I’m not an employee  

<alsroot>..of course I’ll have to think about money..

<polyachka> how many hours did or do you work on floss per week?

<alsroot> well, 24 – 9

<alsroot> ..per day

<polyachka> 9 per day?

<alsroot> 15h per day 🙂

<polyachka> too many!!! 😉

<alsroot> well, I’m not so productive, so have to spend more time 🙂


One Response to “Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 1”

  1. Mel Chua Says:

    Thanks for doing these interviews! As Bernie said, it’s important to recognize the doers like Aleksey – we need more of them. 🙂 Are you planning on interviewing other contributors as well? I think this would make a great series.

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