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Cambodia: Part 2 February 22, 2010

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I finally confirmed my visit to Siem Reap this coming weekend. Roger wrote:

Hi Polyachka,

That’s great!  We look forward to meeting you and will have lots of questions.  We will book you a room for Friday through Sunday.  It will be easy to add another day if you wish as this isn’t the tourist season.  I’ll send you the name of the hotel after we get to town next week.  Send me your itinerary once you book your transportation.

     Either Friday or Monday would be good days to visit the school.  The closest school is where we will try the XOs and   is
     our first choice for you to visit.    Since it is less than an hour from Siem Reap, we could visit the school on Monday
     morning and get you back to town by 3 or 4 PM, in time for you to make a late afternoon flight or bus.
     A school visit either day would give you the weekend to see the temples and some time to see the sights around town.
     It fits in well with our schedule as we can go either day.  If you have more time, we might visit the temple at Banteay Srei 
     on the way to one of our farther schools.
     I am really pleased you are coming.
     Hi Polyachka,
     We will be here in Phnom Penh for another day and night.  We will not know the name of the hotel until we get to         
     Siem Reap (Sarith couldn’t rmember it either).  It will be easiest for us to just pick you up at the airport and give you a 
     ride to the hotel. 
     I understand you will get in at 12:40 from Ho Chi Minh City.  I will be the taller guy, American, with gray hair, glasses and
     beard.  Sarith is shorter and has less hair.  
     We will see you Thursday!

One Response to “Cambodia: Part 2”

  1. nancie s. Says:

    Banteay Srei! This Temple has been on my list for years. Marina, you are so lucky to have the opportunity to see this region with “local” guides! I am so jealous. Wish I coud join you!

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