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Back to Ho Chi Minh February 22, 2010

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I’m finally back from the Tucan trip. As I wrote earlier, TET is a holiday that moves people around Vietnam and beyond it. I heard stories that there were incidents of a bottom bunk bed being sold to 6 people for overnight trips on the train. It is cheaper for travelers but how can they do it? My trip was good, but I wish it was not hot so that I can enjoy the sightseeing.

Last time I went on a tour with Tucan in South America and our tour leader Rebecca was from Australia. I wrote to her to say that I missed her, as she was great. I wondered where she is now, after spending one year and half in South America. She responded:  “I’m back in Australia and have set up a tour biz Urban Indigenous Tours.  I love it…as we visit some amazing Aboriginal Artists, have a didge lesson, eat yummy bush foods etc…  You should visit AUSTRALIA next! xxxxxxx” I checked out her website It looks really good, I highly recommend Rebecca as a tour guide, she is amazing!

As I returned to the Peace House, I couldn’t help noticing that the road in front of the house is fixed, there is no more construction work and the road is unblocked, so buses run normally and it is a two-way street. There will not be crazy traffic jams right near our house! Hurrah!

I also found out that my girls-students may still be out of town. Some of them are still visiting their relatives in the country side. So I decided that it gives me a good opportunity to catch up with other things/topics I’ve been postponing.

I received an email from Roger, who I’ll be meeting in Siem Reap. I pulled our correspondence with him. He wrote to OLPC for the first time on Sat Dec 26:
Would it be possible for us to purchase a few laptops to try out in the schools we have built in rural Cambodia?
Thanks, Roger
Adam sent him the official response with all the links and suggested purchasing 100 laptops. Roger answered:

Dear Adam,

Thanks for your quick and complete reply.  We are perhaps too small to work with your larger organization, having built just 4 schools in rural Cambodia.  We do not have the resources to buy 100 laptops, to do research or to develop software.

Our goals (and budget) are pretty modest.  Family farmland is being bought up by speculators and rural poverty is growing.  Rural children will not be able to farm for a living. We are using local teachers and resources to keep
students in school and teach skills that will make them more employable.

Again, thanks very much and good luck with your project.


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