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Class Six February 4, 2010

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On Thursday, Feb 4, Thao came to pick me up on time! Her English is very good, she is the best out of all volunteers so far.

When we arrived at the shelter ten to seven, some girls were watching TV downstairs, but my girls took their computers from the computer room and went upstairs to the classroom. Today I planned to go over Turtle activity but was not sure if girls would like it, as it is more about programming than just playing. To explain this activity I pretended to be a turtle, and showed them what I can do – go forward, back, right, left, then make circles. I said, that I (turtle) can take a pen and draw or write with pencil down, but I also can do “pen up” and just move without writing. They were very interested.

I showed them how to draw an uppercase letter A, then they asked to show them more letters – we did H. Then we changed color and width. Next, we drew a star, then circular spectrum with repeat function and changed colors of every next circle, and finally rainbow. They loved this activity and were asking for more.

Earlier that day I created all algorithms on my XO in English, then I changed language to Vietnamese, so that algorithms got converted into Vietnamese. During class I copied them in Vietnamese to the board (see pic) so that the girls would understand the logic and make Turtle steps in their own language.

 Then some new girls came and tried recreating algorithms, that I drew on the board. At the end I showed them how to open the collection of sample activities on their XOs and they all were blown away how beautiful those activities were – growing flowers, bubbles, birds, etc. As if they entered the magic kingdom of Turtle.

I announced that they will have vacation for two weeks, because of holidays and our next class will be on Monday, Feb 22. I could tell they wanted to have next XO class sooner!


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