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Class Five February 3, 2010

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I spent all day trying to recreate some sample Turtle activities I found online. Not all of them worked on my XOs: “+” sign was different from what my version of Turtle has, also in several algorithms “pen down” was missing.

 Some volunteers said that they finished teaching today as TET holiday is starting. I’ll miss big flower decoration in Saigon for three days next week, as I’ll be in Thailand.

Linh came to pick me up on time. Today only 3 girls were present so I decided not to teach Turtle, but finish greeting cards for friends and family. I asked them to take a picture, add it to the Paint Activity, paint something and type Happy New Year.

They also had to move their picture around the screen and change it’s size. As we had one unused computer, because Hanh had to study for her exam tomorrow, little Hoa took Hanh’s place and we (Linh and I) showed her how to use Paint. Hoa, who is 8 yo, was happy to draw and use eraser. She knows all the rules as she was present at every class.  Usually after 8PM other girls come, they look at the  computers and sometimes try different activities. Girls are very good about sharing computers and teaching each other.

I asked questions about school and daily schedule. They get up at 4:30 AM and have breakfast, then they help cook and clean and have lunch at noon.They ride bicycles to middle school, which has about 400 children. They are there from 1PM to 5PM.  Right after they get back thay have dinner. Then they have a computer class at 7PM.

 The cards girls created were very pretty.


4 Responses to “Class Five”

  1. Nancie Says:

    Fabulous photos! Are you able to print the cards from a flash drive at a copy shop? Nancie

    • verhovzeva Says:

      I didn’t get to save girls’ cards but I will save their future projects on USB.
      Sorry to miss your presentation, glad it went really well.

  2. Nathan Funk Says:

    Very cool blog and work you’re doing! My fiancee and I just started volunteering at the Maison Chance here in Ho Chi Minh City around the same time you started. So it’s interesting to read about your experiences!

    I found this blog after googling for “OLPC Vietnam” and clicking on a few links. I would like to learn more about getting OLPCs for children here in HCMC. The Maison Chance includes a school for disadvantaged youth who would benefit greatly from the OLPC program. You’ll find their web site at

    I would like to know how a school can apply to participate in the OLPC program. The OLPC web site talks mostly about how to donate (surprise surprise…).

    • verhovzeva Says:

      Good to know you are volunteering in Saigon as well. We should meet up with you and your fiance when I get back after the holidays.

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