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Helping Haiti: Part 7 February 2, 2010

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On Feb 1 Adam sent the following update:

1) Hi and a Warm Welcome to the ~20 new people who signed up for OLPC-HAITI yesterday and today!  Get oriented around our volunteer community’s intense hour-by-hour progress/planning happening “live” here: 

(Creole fluency is *not* required, , all welcome to register and then help!)

2) Hans: might a draft/scan of your Creole XO coloring book be possible tomorrow?

3) I just uploaded Educa Vision, Inc’s 164 book(lets) catalog of Creole materials they’ve offered Geradline/us (listeducaforzephirin.xls) to the BOOKS WE WANT section here:

4) Congrats to Carmina whose blog now appears on the official OLPC community blog aggregator: Even if her Speaking-From-The-Haitian-Heart title (LAPTOPS?!?) was accidentally chopped by our server’s “planet” software 😉

5) Please all keep our Garden Growing here (click EDIT just below) supporting those doing the much harder work translating thru the night!!

Haiti’s Educ Infrastructure is now on the front pages:

Snapshot video from DC’s Crisis Camp(s):

BBC/CNN/NPR/etc coverage explaining Crisis Commons for Tabitha & all:

15+ cities currently involved in the US, UK and Canada:

Follow Here:

Maps created by volunteers already used on the ground in Haiti:

Interested in the next step?

Say hello on Live Chat at in channel: #haitiboston


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