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Class Two February 2, 2010

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On Thu, Jan 28, we were supposed to have our first class with another group of four girls. Guess who showed up? The same four girls and two new girls. So we had to repeat basics from yesterday and move on to new material.

We recalled all the rules of handling XOs, wrote them on the board, and did speed typing excercise in Write activity. They had to copy from the board all to dos and not to dos. It took them on average 6 minutes to complete it. I wrote down on the board their names and times. They really got into the competitive mood and enjoyed speed typing. Writing had to be grammatically correct as well. One girl said that she really liked typing and they want more writing activities in English. Then we did Implode, Chat (fun, fun, fun), Paint, MiniJam and Memorize. Only one girl had the chess program on her computer, so the others were jealous. Then I asked the girls to find their photos in their journal from yesterday and name them with their own names.

Then they had to rename their computers. That was also exciting. What names did they choose for five computers? Angel, SnowWhite, Princess, Mermaid and Cinderella. One girl wanted to call her computer a Devil, as I assumed she likes devil/dark themes, but we substituted it with another one…:)

There is one girl Hao 8 years old who sticks around and wants to be involved. She always peeks into the screens and writes her name on the board, as if she is attending the class. I told the girls that it is OK to teach other children at the shelter as long as they learn the rules first.  I also made an announcement that they are doing very well, and when we finish the course, those, who pass the test, will  get the teacher certificates! They were slightly shocked, stunned and proud of the mission. Wow!

As for the programs, they all want to have chess, they want to listen to music and they want to take more pics…


One Response to “Class Two”

  1. Nancie Severs Says:

    Oh my gosh Marina! You will have many things to teach up in Ha Long Bay and the experience to teach it! You will have to plan have XOs brought to the mainland so that you can download Activities that are a hit…like chess! Happy Tet New Year! Nancie

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