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Class Three February 2, 2010

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I went to Mui Ne for the weekend and did a lot of writing. Meanwhile some of the volunteers moved out of the Peace House and flew back home.  One of the volunteers got engaged, her boyfriend proposed to her here in Saigon…On Saturday several people including Andy went to get food for Tet for 20 poor families and hand it out.

On Mon I downloaded different programs to the XOs, including Chess, Hanoi, Poll, Traffic, Geography, Sudoku, Olympics, Jam2Jam and created a lesson plan. This class turned out to be difficult. At 6:50PM volunteer was not at the Peace House yet. I was worried and had to call the supervisor. The volunteer came and said she got lost. We were 30 min late for the class.  I also found out that her English is  not very good (hence she is volunteering to improve her English). She doesn’t understand the XOs and looks more confused than the children when we do the activities. So it was very hard, especially when she kept saying yes, but didn’t understand what I was asking. But I have to give her credit as she was trying very hard and was very good with the kids. It was super hot in the class room.

Thao from last week’s class showed up, I asked her to recall all the rules of handling. She knew them all! Then we took pictures again and switched computers. They had to interview the person, whose picture was on their computer. We opened Write activity and created a table with two columns. They had to imput interviewees’ age, name, favorite fruit, activity, height, etc. So it looked like a profile for each girl.

During the second part of the class we checked memory. I showed them how to delete records in the journal, and mentioned  USB drive as a storage for important files.

Then we tried to paint favorite fruit in color, but I saw flowers, stars and many other things.  Hanh drew a devil instead of an orange.  All 6 girls attended the class, Thao and Bi were sharing the computer.

At the end of the class I asked the volunteer to translate that I’m leaving the computers at the shelter today. The volunteer protested and said that it was not possible, I couldn’t do that. Why? She said that they are children and they will break computers, she was terrified. But I had to explain to her that the girls know all the rules and they will teach other children how to properly use them. Finally she gave in, but made sure everyone remembered the rules of handling the XOs.

Hanh (the oldest girl) took the computers and put them in the computer room overnight. I spoke to one of the caretakers and she thanked me for the computers.

As I came home I talked to other volunteers-teachers. Matt teaches English at another shelter for boys. Tuan teaches at a place for street kids,  ages 13-19, from very poor families who can’t afford school, but go to this day care place run by catholic nuns. Boys have to do heavy labor work to provide for their families.

Someone said that several volunteers brought toys for kids  in the orphanages but later toys disappeared. Maybe people take them home for their kids? We don’t know.

I finally submitted my 7 word memoirs before the deadline:


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