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Class One February 2, 2010

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On Tue, Jan 26, I went to the Leaf Pagoda again. Extreme heat made my swollen legs hurt again forcing me to go to the hospital. Luckily Van, a local volunteer, gave me a bike ride to the hospital and helped translate. There was only one hour wait at the ColumbiaAsia International Hospital, where I was seen by an English speaking doctor. The visit costs me $40 US including medicine. On Wed, I was scheduled to teach the first XO class in the evening and worked on the detailed lesson plan during the day.

At 6:30PM, Linh, another great volunteer, stopped by Peace House and took me to Ba Chieu Shelter. Ken came with us and introduced me to the head mistress Yen. I was told that only 8 girls had time to learn XOs in the evening. There were no teachers available, so we had to teach the children. Since we had only 5 XOs, we would teach them in groups of 4 twice a week. 

I found out girls were older than I expected , but still very excited to use computers. They had minimal experience with desktop computers back from school. I thought that it was a great opportunity to teach older girls to be the teachers and then they will teach younger girls how to use XOs.  

I told about OLPC, XOs and myself.  We covered rules of handling, girls learned how to turn on/off an XO, switch views, open and close activities. Then we did speech activity (typed “hello” in Vietnamese -” Xin Chao”), labyrinth and took photos, which was the highlight of the class. Girls were so happy to pose and take pictures of themselves and their friends. They never owned a photo camera. Girls changed names of their computers from Friend 1-5 to their own names.  I told them that I would give them laptops next week and they were thrilled by the news. 

First comments by the girls: “Computers are lovely! So cool that we are  going to have 6 weeks of training!” At the end of the class little girls came and started watching computers and jumping around. 

Homework: to think about questions, what they want to learn and what additional programs they want to have on their computers.


One Response to “Class One”

  1. Nancie Severs Says:

    It sounds like you have had good success with this class, Marina!
    If the girls are excited about it then that’s great! I hope you are getting the proper treatment for your swollen legs now. That is nothing to fool around with! Are you drinking enough water? Watch and limit your salt intake (which can be hard with all of the fish sauce and soy sauce there.

    Keep up the good work. Nancie:)

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