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Helping Haiti: Part 5 February 1, 2010

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There were hundreds of responses to NN’s (Nicholas Negroponte) email. Many of them were

happy to send their unused or  broken laptop to Haiti, like this one:

   Will do. Wrapped it tonite, will put it in the mail tomorrow.
   FantASTIC that you guys are doing this. I am sooo glad.
   My 11th grade daughter spent a year in the Canary Islands (Spain);
   I tried to get her to take it there with her, and then leave it with
   someone - - - but never worked. So, tho we've turned it on a few
   times to play/experiment (wish we had more - amazing what you
   guys have done - amaaaazing - hardware and software!), it's
   virtually brand new.
   THANK YOU!!! for putting this program together -
   especially this sequel!! :-)

   There was one who said he never received his G1G1 XO, but would send it to Haiti,
   if he got one! There were others like this one:

   Dear Mr. Negroponte,

   I will try to donate another XO soon.  Just wanted to tell you what's happening with the "get" laptop.
   First, I played with it long enough to understand what made it special (wow).  Then, I gave it to a
   couple of librarians - neighbors and friends - and the husband took it to the office (Library of
   Congress/FLICC) and passed it around long enough for everyone to understand what made it special. 
   Then, the librarians took it with them to New Hampshire for Christmas with family.  The XO stayed
   up north, and now the young teachers in the family are playing with it to understand what makes it
   special and are showing it to their elementary school classes.  I sent it off with my blessing and
   don't expect to see it again, because it's busy doing its job somewhere.

   Best wishes.  You and the OLPC team are doing a really good thing.   

   XO user

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