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Helping Haiti: Part 3 February 1, 2010

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On Jan 21 SJ posted an update about work in CrisisCamps and Haiti OLPC

On Jan 24, two very special guest speakers were invited to the meeting:

“Please join us 4PM Sunday Boston Time (TODAY) where founder Tim Falconer will discuss his foundation’s vision for progressively expanding its XO deployments around Haiti, which thankfully all appear to have survived the earthquake.

And if there is time Nick Doiron (CMU / Haiti Community Mapping Software Developer) will discuss his preliminary work, and possible integration with existing community-mapping/community-informatics tools for Haiti, like and

Adam Holt wrote:

Sunday Jan 24 – Tim Falconer, Waveplace Founder 
                          How WE can help Haitians help THEMSELVES:
                          Structuring Sustainable Haiti Grassroots OLPC Projects

                          Nick Doiron, CMU, Haiti Community Mapping Software Developer

Summary for those who missed the call — these are Tim’s answers to Christoph’s question on how the global OLPC Community can support ‘s continuing / fast-evolving work in Haiti — a vision that clearly isn’t 100% finalized yet but in any case will profoundly benefit if you:

1. Donate Money so Haitian teachers/mentors/deployment experts can be paid:
2. Ship XO’s not being used, to his non-profit Foundation:
3. e-Books: FIND THE BEST copyright-free storybook others, and curate/organize them like a proper librarian please!  Entertainment based initially, Deep Learning later.     (Bastien: can you share your publisher leads with Tim, SJ & I?)
4. Translator & transcriber Volunteers Needed: English or French to Creole especially– can Elissa Carmichael from Miami’s CrisisCamp working with the Haitian Diaspora community there please explain how we can All facilitate beyond and ?
5. Find/Recruit the best Mentors for kids, on the ground in Haiti especially, starting right now…


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