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Helping Haiti: Part 2 February 1, 2010

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“CrisisCommons / Crisis Camps are an open/grassroots movement to use open source technologies (primarily) to help Haiti recover and hopefully later reinvent itself: took place on Jan 16 in Washington DC, Silicon Valley and London.

From Adam’s Newsletter to the support gang:
”Already more than 100 people signed up to join tomorrow in Boston alone (2 blocks north of the MIT campus). 140 tech-democratizers showed up last week in DC, as widely broadcast on NPR.  Now over A Dozen Cities are Involved; don’t change the channel on Haiti!

Please Join In Person Saturday, showing your face & your skills if your city’s involved — paving the way for Haitians to not only survive, but thrive, Educating each other long term to escape dependency cycles — your help is vitally needed creating software/content/storytelling etc eg. around community-mapping like, innovative DIY capacity-building projects like the Haiti Video Postcard Network etc, born just 1 week ago in NYC alongside keystone Haitian Diaspora communities across major US cities especially:

Likewise in Boston, Waveplace founder Tim Falconer, OLPC Community Repair Center founding pioneer Ian Daniher & I (coordinator of OLPC’s worldwide community support volunteer team) will lead similar efforts, with similar participation from OLPC volunteers in Miami, LA, etc — thanks to tremendous community-organizing occurring every day and night this week at the MIT Media Lab:

Please remind all thoughtful contributors worldwide: they too can receive free XO Laptops if they’re patiently helping dedicated Haitians take back control of a badly shaken island and nation, sharing long-term community/learning methods all can learn from — approval takes place online right here over Live Chat Fridays 2PM Eastern Time in an open/transparent community process you are strongly encouraged to join:

Quite Separately: Please also consider applying to work on the ground in Haiti committing to 1-full-year with OLPC’s brand new more structured OLPCorps program, where you will receive (if approved) a stipend of $500/month:


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