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Lesson plan and more January 28, 2010

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On Friday we had half a day of teaching English to the boys at Leaf Pagoda. We covered numbers, days of the week, months, weather and counting. I taught two boys, the nerdy one with glasses “worked” as a translator to another boy. I felt great after the lesson as it seemed we achieved a lot in 1.5 hours.

Today Andy posted on the board an announcement that he is raising money for some poor families in the countryside for TET festival. There are 10 families in Tho An, Dong Nai that are in need of some food and cooking supplies for the New Year. For each family the aim is to buy :

5kg of rice, 2 litres of cooking oil, 1 bottle of fish source and 1 bag of food seasoning.

For one family the price will be 140,000 VND (Dong) or 8 US Dollars. Andy will be going on Sat 30th Jan to buy the stuff mentioned above. Several volunteers from our house made donations.

 On Saturday I created XO  lesson plan for 2 days. And Ken approved it! Girls will be divided into 2 groups and  I’ll teach each group twice a week. We are starting on Wednesday with help of local volunteers.

Several of us decided to go to Sesame restaurant. The concept of the place is that street kids learn to cook and are given jobs as cooks and servers. The restaurant has very good reviews on-line. Five of us got dressed up and took a cab. Guess where Sesame is? Next to the orphanage where we volunteered on Wednesday!

We entered the place and couldn’t believe our eyes – it looked very upscale inside like a high class restaurant! Waiters spoke English. Each of us had 4 meal course and juice, which cost $5 per person. Cab ride to the restaurant was $1 per person.


  • 153 D Xo Viet Nghe Tinh | Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • (08) 899 3378

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