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Different World January 15, 2010

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When Susanna picked me up I was ready but still in shock, as everything happened too fast. As we were driving to the Airport, I realized that from the moment I had the idea, it has been 2 months. And it is been only one month since I committed myself to this trip by applying to IVHQ program and paying my deposit.

That Thursday, Dec 10 I remember coming from Pittsburgh and thinking that it is about time to change my life, there is no way to continue leaving the way I do. I went to the IVHQ website and filled out an application form. And as I clicked Submit button adrenalin rushed through my blood, I knew that was a big step, big change in my life. I didn’t think through the consequences: what will happen to my job? My career? Apartment? What is after I get back to Boston? Can I afford it financially? What if lose my job? Will I be able to find new one in this economy? It was all scary as it was so very different from that secure world I was in. Safe, familiar, comfortable, but where I was not happy.

When I arrived in San Fran I received voice mail from three people. One was from Adam, who was inviting me to go Toro for food and Wally’s for drinks and music with OLPC/Sugar folks to say good bye to Bernie (leaving for Paraguay deployment on Wed) and maybe to give me final instructions before I leave. Maybe that outing was well planned but life throws surprises at us and all we can do is to adjust and wonder, what is next?

After I stayed in San Fran hotel overnight I took free shuttle to the airport, carrying my oversized backpack. Everyone stared at me as if asking what kind of backpackers stay in Westin (the ones who use points for hotel stays)? As I got to the Airport, I bought some Chinese food and asked for fortune cookies. It is the first place where fortune cookies are not free, but could be bought for 28 cents each. I bought one and it said: “A different world cannot be built by indifferent people”. I’m surely not as indifferent about OLPC as I was about my work.

I’m writing this on the plane from San Fran to Shanghai. The flight is 13 hours 18 minutes long – now I know it is more than zero! I’ll wait for my connection in Shanghai and fly for 3 more hours to Saigon, where VPV people will meet me after (their) midnight but it will be a blur to me as I’ll be very tired and ready to crash… into the different world of non-profit.


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  1. Kevin Mark Says:

    pax vobiscum. good luck.

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