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Bridging Gaps: Part 3 January 10, 2010

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How I became one of them

At 3:41PM on Dec 18, 2009 I received from Adam:

Hi Polyachka,
cc Nancie in Vietnam,

Thanks for attending our community review and explaining your proposal!
You are tentatively approved for 5 XO-1 laptops if you planning move
forward in coming weeks, and you post your progress off of:

Directions are here to meet Sunday, when I hope you can pick up 2 of 5
XO Laptops to get your planning moving to the next stage:

I will likely need your help reflashing these to the latest software and
checking the machines, but that should not take long,

Thanks Again for
taking Initiative!

On Fri, Deb 18 at 6:25PM I received (official answer):

Community Review from 2PM EDT Mtg Fri Dec 18 2009 — status “TENTATIVE
APPROVAL” for 2-5 XOs pending active mentoring and active
blogging-or-wiki-posting off of :
[ PROJECT #5 – hu My Orphanage, Vietnam / Boston, Massachusetts, USA ]

The same day at 11PM I received an email from Nancie, offering her mentoring support. And that is how it all got real…

The following Sunday, in spite of the worst weather possible we met with Adam (see my Dec 21 post) at the OLPC office. But first, he made me wait for him at the café nearby and dial in (speech-friendly meeting this time) to participate in a weekly call for the OLPC volunteers (aka suport gang). The call had an interesting format. Participants discussed future deployments, technical issues, hiking on the weekend… while I was chewing on my sandwich at Au Bon Pain in Kendall and everything around was buried under snow. Not too many cars or people were out and operating in this weather, except for insane humans like us.

Then I received my first two XOs and learned a lot about great Vietnamese math professor back In Canada. I was so happy to finally have XOs! I went back home to start learning and blogging…


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