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Bridging Gaps: Part 1 January 7, 2010

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What happened after NYC OLPC community meeting and introduction to the support gang? Thanks, Varun, for asking.

I emailed Adam a request to meet with him and Nancie to discuss OLPC volunteering opportunities.

By email Adam was very friendly and approachable, but cautious. I yet had to deserve his trust and prove my seriousness. But I knew that if I am patient, persistent and consistent, everything is possible!

Then I wrote to Adam about my idea of Saigon OLPC project and that I need 5XOs.

He referred me to all the stuff I need to make it happen: links to Project Proposal Form, Contributors#FAQ, places, where I can purchase or borrow XO, like eBay or laptop lending libraries…

I received it on Sunday Dec 6 and immediately felt overwhelmed by huge amount of on-line material I had to go through…

In the following exchange of emails I learned where to find XO and Sugar manuals – and and somehow managed to explore them.

Then I contacted Adam asking if someone can show me XO and demonstrate it or if I can borrow it, maybe at MIT?

He courteously answered that MIT lending library is no longer active and Dec 30 is my best bet to see it in person, still pushing me to buy one on eBay and reflash it with software  I just bought new Dell, and didn’t plan to buy an XO, but wanted to test drive it.

Finally on Dec 16 after considerable procrastination, I submitted my contributors application proposal, which is merged (minus personal info) into here: (still work in progress)

 I immediately received an “AutoReply: OLPC contributors’ application”:

 Thank You for submitting a hardware request to One Laptop per Child’s:

If this is a new submission, your Project Number is: #52292
Keep your Project Number in the Subject Line of future emails!

Tips for accelerating hardware approval:

* Make sure you pasted this form into an email and answered ALL questions:

* Activate your Project or Library web site, eg:

 * Set up a hyperlink from our “Science Fair” showcase:

 * BRING AN ADVOCATE for your project to our Friday online community meeting: (2PM Eastern Time!)

Your Project will undergo Community Review to clarify goals and hardware needs.  Usually, upon approval, your hardware will be shipped in a few weeks.

Thanks for Contributing!!
OLPC Community Volunteers

I wrote to Adam to let him know that I followed their official procedure and he responded immediately (still Dec 16) with subtle warning:

 Yes your Contributors Program app is in the queue and we hope to see you Friday 2PM here:

Note that 5 XO Laptops is generally too high a number for those without deep experience, but the more you dive in working with others, the better your chances later, so please don’t be offended in any way if other community members ask you to learn from experience first, as they too have done along the way 🙂



2 Responses to “Bridging Gaps: Part 1”

  1. Kevin Mark Says:

    I am in Brooklyn, am active on #olpc-help, and am part of the olpc support gang. If you want to contact me at some point to try out my OLPC xo-1 for an hour in Manhattan, let me know. You can also contact me on #olpc-help as kevix.

  2. verhovzeva Says:

    Hi Kevin, thank you so much for your offer. I managed to find an XO to try out, and I’ll be actually bringing 5 XOs to Vietnam next week. I may contact you when I have questions while in Vietnam! Thanks for your support!

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