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Christmas Weekend December 29, 2009

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On Friday I officially received several great presents from Santa and my relatives, which are very nice, especially that coffee collage mug with my pictures. Thank you, dear sister!

On Saturday Adam and I had working brunch to go through my questions about Sugar. The more I learn the more questions I ask, shouldn’t it be the opposite?

I learned about Epub which is not an electronic pub, but book hub, where you can get digital books, and I downloaded fairytales by Anderson  in English. We also tested flash drive usage and copy/paste function for several files in different formats. It turns out we can successfully read MS Word documents on XO! We talked about great books on education, volunteering and charity work, among which are Three Cups of Tea, Mountains Beyond Mountain, Into the Wild and others.

To my total surprise I received a present from Adam: Stones into Schools book by Greg Mortenson. I am a huge fan of Mortenson’s work in Asia! Thank you, Adam! 🙂

On Sunday, I had another working brunch with Caroline Meeks, who I met at the NYC OLPC meeting. She works as a volunteer on Sugar and tries to improve it and make it work on other computers, not just XOs. She helped me to revise my objectives and pointed out several skills I need to build before I leave in two weeks. Thank you, Caroline!

Since my induction to the support gang, I received emails from people interested in starting their own deployments in central Vietnam,  rural Cambodia, India and Ukraine!

To get ready for my trip, I purchased two books online: Rich Man, Poor Man by Irwin Shaw and Captains of the Sands by Jorge Amado, which is about orphans in Brazil. The next day I received a note from Books Beyond Borders,  the seller of the Brazilian book :

Thank you for placing an order with Books Beyond Borders. You have helped us to further our mission of turning old books into new schools.  We donate all net proceeds to Project Schoolhouse and its school building projects.  More info is available at  Please let us know if you’d like to be included in our mailing list.  Thank you for your order, Books Beyond Borders Customer Service.


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