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My First Post December 21, 2009

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Today is a cold day, but not as cold as yesterday! I knew that a snowstorm was coming but I didn’t realize how it would impact my agenda and logistics. So yesterday while it was snowing around 1PM, I had to walk to Mass Ave and grab a cab to reach Sander’s theater in Cambridge for their annual Christmas performance, they didn’t cancel due to snow. I was surprised to see that I wasn’t the only spectator, but among hundreds of other curious souls. As it was my first time I marveled at how beautiful the church was. The show was amazing, with lots of traditional American folk dancing and carol singing and story telling. In spite of snow all of these people made it to the theater, including 60 or more actors!

Right after the show ended I made a transition by metro to Kendall Square and was welcomed to One Cambridge Place by Adam. Here I was in the headquarters of OLPC, with no people in the office as it was a snowy Sunday. Adam gave me a tour and I picked two XO laptops of my choice, they were returns and one belonged to Mimi. We wiped out the history and updated them with a new version of open source Sugar software. Adam surprised me by suggesting meeting on a Sunday after his weekly conference call and actually showing up at the office for real! He gave me a demo of several activities and we tested Mesh networking capabilities and even made 2 min. video clip! Loaded with XOs,  their accessories and a little manual power generator, I left the building and headed home to embark on an educational journey which in three weeks will lead me to Saigon, Vietnam and other virtual and real places in the world.

 Happy Solstice! 🙂


2 Responses to “My First Post”

  1. Varun Karkhanis Says:

    Hi my name is Varun. I was researching OLPC on wikipedia and noticed a link to your wikipedia page. I found your project proposal very interesting. It sounds like you’ve got a great plan to bring OLPC to the children in the orphanage.
    I am currently living in the US but my family is originally from a small village in India and I would really like to bring OLPC to the children there. Though it is a strong economic player in the world today and the country’s economy is growing and prospering, there remains a huge a disparity in India. In large cities, there are some very wealthy people and then in small villages, there is very little advancement or development. Thus, I wanted to learn more about how you are implementing your plan to bring OLPC to the Vietnamese orphanage in hopes that it could maybe help me start my OLPC project.
    Would you be willing to answer a few questions I have about your project?

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